Lockdown Chronicles: Easy Ways To Liven Up Your WFH Style

So…it's 2021 and we are approaching nearly a year in lockdown!

We're currently designing our new collection (which we're so excited to share with you soon!) keeping in mind that there aren’t many places to go and “turn a look”.

That said, we wanted to give you a few simple tips that have kept us going over the last few months with regards to style and keeping motivated on the day to day.

Here are three simple ways to level up your at-home style: 

Add some color

Okay, okay - this might sound pretty simple.  But lets be honest with ourselves, how many of us have a sea of neutral colors in our closets and find ourselves picking up the same few pieces to wear around the house and on Zoom calls.

Long gone are the days where we are getting dressed to go out with purpose - but last week for the first time in a year I put on a lilac blazer I have (for special occasions) with a white tee shirt and worked in it. I found myself stopping at my mirror and smiling at how cute I looked and thought - I should do this more often!  I ended up wearing a bright orange top and scarf after discovering I had these two items in my closet that I bought separately and thought, this could look nice together!  I was complimented on my conference calls, the color brightened my mood and it was the first time I had seen myself in something outside of the same few sweaters and hoodies I spent much of 2020 in.




Throw on ALL of the accessories

So if you are doing video calls and back to back meetings or if you are working outside of the house or not working at all… It’s easy to get stuck doing the same, day in, day out.  You might have even stopped wearing jewelry or accessories!  (We're a shoe brand and weeks have passed since we’ve left our houses or put on shoes!)

But there is something so simple and whimsical about adding a fun pair of earrings to your look, a printed head scarf, quirky pin, chunky necklace or hat.  These might seem unnecessary in the house - but each of the above items add another layer to your simple tee and sweats, while adding a sprinkle of personal style/flair.  Who knows what you may find or fall in love with again?





Don’t be afraid to try new things (literally)

This pandemic has helped me realize that on a virtual call - a silk dress is only seen from the waist up and I have used a scrunchie or hair tie at my midsection to hold the dress from falling all the way down and worn sweatpants on the bottom.  That dress from the waist up is really nice and I’ve not felt comfortable wearing it out but now, it's been given a new (ish) life living on screen for virtual catch ups.  If you have cute pair of heels that you are still breaking in it's a breeze to rock them to and from the kitchen right?!  Wearing these items gives them a new life and allows you to some practice getting used to them.
Taking fashion risks is easy and safe, at home!  



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