Our Story

Hi! We're Charlotte and Sherene, co-creators of CoIX (pronounced COY). As two proudly tall women who wear size UK 11/US 13/EU 46 footwear we found the shoe shopping experience challenging and disheartening, to say the least. We grew frustrated with the lack of choices, uncomfortable fit and quality, and uninspiring styles and color options in footwear for our size.

As modern, professional women we often wished we could also express our style confidently beyond our ankles. We resolved to create a solution to allow us to express our style and individuality from head to toe. 

A well-designed pair of quality made shoes is hard to come by. This could not be truer for people who wear larger shoe sizes, uncatered to and overlooked by mainstream fashion and footwear brands. We have struggled for years to find shoes that spoke to our fashion senses and versatile lifestyles.

CoIX is the footwear brand we (and you) have been longing for.

CoIX was founded from our desire to have footwear that fulfilled all of these criteria. We also deserve the quality and array of choices in footwear that people who wear standard sizes have access to.

We are reclaiming the shoe shopping and wearing experience for people like us to make it fun and pleasurable in a way it's never been before!

Join us on our journey...

Charlotte & Sherene