Tall Style Spotlight: The Real Tall

The Real Tall x CoIX Shoes


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We wanted to dedicate a part of our blog to being a place for tall style and inspiration! For our very first Tall Style Spotlight series, we’re really excited to feature Jenilee and Caitlin of The Real Tall blog. Caitlin is 5’11 and Jenilee is 6’4, and together the sisters from Wisconsin, share their fashion finds, making tall style look easy to wear and accessible. It's fun to watch how their fabulous finds fit their different heights and are expressed through their unique personal styles. 


Listen to the girls answer a few questions about their personal style, the latest fashion trends and, of course, shoes:


As an emerging shoe brand, we love partnering with Jenilee and Caitlin who wear US sizes, 13 and 12 (respectively)! Watch them style our Dalston Boot and Seville Ankle Strap Pump too:


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  • Do all of your shoes have high heals? High heals hurt my back. Do you have any shows that are flats or at least lower heels?

    Linda Wells

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