What's In A Name?

Deciding on our brand name took some time! We started by brainstorming words that best described our style and what we wanted our collection to look and feel like; Sleek, Flirty, Demure, Easy-to-wear, Bright and Bold were just a few. Coy to us meant, cheeky, flirty and alluring.  We switched out the “y” for the Roman numeral 9 (IX) to represent our size ranging from UK 9 and up, and CoIX was born!

Our shoe names were much easier to decide on!  We were on our way back from an accessories convention and were buzzing with excitement as we had just confirmed the full order of our collection styles and colours!  We were sipping tea on the train ride back home and talking about upcoming holidays before focusing our attention back to CoIX and what we should name each style in the collection. We realised we should incorporate our love of travel into the names of the shoes for our collection. 

CoIX Shoes Dalston Ankle Boot Black Dalston
The name for our Dalston boot came so naturally to us - we both described where we could see ourselves out in our new boot, strutting around East London on a casual Saturday afternoon. From delicious brunch to an afternoon market stroll, and then on to a pub for games and catching up with our friends - this boot could do it all! 


CoIX Shoes Soho Stiletto Autumn Brick Red




Our Soho Stiletto was another easy choice, the Soho neighbourhood is known for its shows, bars and restaurants. No matter what the outfit, an easy to wear stiletto is always a good look in this trendy part of town.


CoIX Shoes Marylebone Block Heel Pump





Our Marylebone pump was a fun one! We both thought about where we would be seen wearing these shoes: a high tea, a gallery or maybe shopping before meeting friends for a drink? Classy and chic, we knew the easy to wear block heel would complement our style for long walks around this lush neighbourhood.



CoIX Shoes Monaco Block Heel Sandal


Monaco & Seville

The Monaco and Seville came out of our love of travel around southern Europe. We both imagined the shoes styled with hints of Spanish flair, ruffles, bright colors, easy to wear separates and dresses alike, easy to transition through the seasons! We thought about how both shoes would look when styled with Palazzo pants, straight legged French peg trousers or flowy skirts.


CoIX Shoes Seville Ankle Strap Pump



There you have it!  Tell us what your favourite shoe style/name and share some of your favorite cities with us in the comments below!

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  • I love these shoes
    I have there pairs and get plenty of compliments each time I wear them.
    Also they are very comfortable

    Regina Ferguson

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