Where It All Started...


We, the founders of CoIX shoes are tall, plus size women and we always found ourselves struggling to find shoes that fit!  (Pictured: Charlotte (right), 6’2 and Sherene (left), 6’0) 

We bonded over fashion and finding tall clothing and shoes #tallgirlproblems!  Both of us wear US Size 13 (EU 46, UK 11) and the struggle was all too real to find modern, well made, chic shoes that that didn’t fall apart after 2-3 wears! Much of the last ten years was spent trying new brands and finding that they were poorly made yet overpriced. 

After 3 years of friendship and chatting about how frustrating it was to find large-sized shoes that made us feel good, we decided to embark on the journey of starting our own line.  For us, designing modern, fun footwear that excited us meant soon we would have the shoes we couldn't wait to wear. We knew we wanted to create a brand that made the shoe shopping experience enjoyable and joyful for people like us. We dreamt of having versatile shoes that could take us from the office in the day to after-work drinks at night. 

CoIX took about two years to get going, from inception to design to receiving the inventory for our first collection. We’re very excited and happy with our first collection and we hope you love all the details; from the fabrics to the insoles and the packaging.

After 2 years of research, planning and development, CoIX Shoes was born!  CoIX, born purely born out of a desire to express our personal style and individuality from head to TOE!

We would describe our brand aesthetic as modern, chic and effortless. We did an interview with Jenna from Tall Girl Takeover and spilled all the deets on growing up tall including our fashion inspiration and favourite tall girl hacks. Read the full interview here!

How did we get the name?

We get asked this often!  Our name, CoIX, pronounced coy, initially was to describe the fun flirty styles we knew we'd be bringing to life. The stylized ending of CoIX with the Roman numeral is a nod to the fact that we start at a size UK 9 and up. 

CoIX Shoes was born out of our desire and passion to be the brand we wanted to see! Chic, stylish, versatile footwear in timeless silhouettes and modern colours for larger shoe sizes.  

We would love to know where you are reading from? Comment below and let us know your shoe size as well!

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